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Before 2000

Photographs of costumes from the 2000 Mardi Gras, called "2003 and a bit"(spacey/bizarre theme) and "Before 2000"(Egyptian theme).

Before 2000
Even leathermen eat cake - 1990 The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras started in 1978 and Richard Winsbury has been making Mardi Gras costumes and walking in the parade since 1983. Crown - 1998
Costume from 1989

The parade is in the evening and a large dance party follows, finishing the following morning.

It takes balls to be a Queen
Rainbow - 1992 About 600,000 people now line the parade route to watch the spectacle, normally held in late February or early March (summer) and the parade is televised and watched around the world. Patriotic Poof - 1997
In the Picture - 1989

Richard makes the costumes for himself and for a group of his friends and usually spends 4-6 weeks making the costumes for each Mardi Gras although he has managed to make some in less than 2 days!

Say it with flowers - 1995

If you must be a bag be a Glomesh handbag - 1994

  Most of the costumes are worn but some are so large as to need wheels.

See no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil - 1999 (Best Male)
Mirrors reflecting Gay Pride - 1996

In recent years Richard has been entering the Costume Pageant at the Mardi Gras party and frequently wins either the best male costume or the best group.

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See no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil - 1999

Richard cannot advise you of costume makers in other cities or countries, but can make costumes in Sydney, charging at an hourly rate.


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